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How To Create Amazing Social Media Videos For Your Business


Social media videos are gaining significance, with 86 percent of online advertisers employing them in their marketing efforts. On the one hand, this tendency assists consumers in learning about the brand’s products and services. On the other hand, it assists companies in increasing traffic to their social accounts, increasing their following, and increasing revenue.

Videos also increase social engagement by establishing brand loyalty, enhancing lead generation, and generating meaningful dialogues between a company and the customer. Here are 10 tips to help you create effective social media videos worth viewing and sharing.

Tips to Create Videos for Social Media Marketing

1. Start with a strategy

Before you begin developing any material, make a plan for how you will approach your social media films.

This should include audience research, competitor analysis, conceptualization, content planning, funding sources, a delegation of duties, and other similar activities. All of these will assist you in creating video content that will significantly increase the success of your campaign.

2. Keep your videos brief and to the point

If a video is longer than 20 minutes, very few people will view it on social media. As a result, it’s critical to make your movies bite-sized and quick while giving information. This process comprises deleting all unnecessary components and retaining only the most compelling and engaging ones. Try a good video maker to make your editing process easier. Videos should be able to captivate viewers’ attention, convey a message, and compel them to take action in a short amount of time.

If a subject is complicated and requires a lot of detail, you can divide it into smaller portions. Rather than providing all of the material in one video, consider creating a series that discusses the many topics.

3. Make the first few seconds of your video stand out

Consumers nowadays lack concentration after around eight seconds, so you must attract them straight away. The opening few seconds are critical because people will determine whether or not to keep seeing the movie or scroll to the bottom to other stuff.

Begin with provocative questions, strong hooks, inspirational statements, striking pictures, or enticing music. Add your brand name, logo, slogan, or the service or product you want to promote so that people can recognize you and get a sense of what you’re attempting to express.

Your introduction should pique people’s interest and make them want to learn more about what happens next. Using an online video maker create a video with all the elements you need that will work for your business promotion.

4. Include Subtitle if there is any dialogue

People from all around the world may see video material. As a result, there is a potential that individuals who do not understand the language will come across your video. Subtitles will make it easier for non-native speakers and hard-of-hearing people to access your material.

Likewise, videos shared on nearly all social media sites now begin or perform without audio. People are more likely to view videos while doing other work or while on the move; and usually, always, they do so without audio. Subtitles become crucial at this point.

5. Use natural light

Your videos’ lighting will either make or ruin them. Using natural light will also help you succeed! When shooting movies indoors, place them near a door or window with plenty of light. You can also choose to take things outside. Using natural light also requires good timing and understanding of when to click a video.

The Golden Hour, which occurs just before the sun sets, features orange, red, and yellow hues. The shadows are lighter, and the colors are softer at this time of day.

The Blue Hour lasts around 20 to 30 minutes after sunset or before daybreak. It gives your films a deep, cold vibe and a feel of serenity. It’s ideal for outdoor scenes with a deep blue sky and a background loaded with bluish light. Cloudy weather is also ideal for outdoor photography. Though some may assume the dark weather makes the video appear sad and depressing, it helps the lights look softer.

6. Use an auxiliary mic

Audio, like lighting, is vital in social media films. If you’re recording with your smartphone, the built-in mic may not be adequate. You wouldn’t want your movies to include noises such as automobiles passing by rather than your narrative or barking dogs outside instead of the real dialogue. So, it’s a good idea to invest in proper equipment, such as microphones, to guarantee that you can produce high-quality sound.

7. Use music with consent

Music is critical to the success of videos. It captures people’s attention, influences their opinion of the business, and establishes the atmosphere and rapport with the audience.

Nevertheless, not all songs are suitable for use in videos. You must first get consent from the legitimate owners before including it. Otherwise, you may face legal action from the platform for stealing copyrighted information.

8. Focus on the narrative

Getting the viewer’s attention is critical, but retaining it is more important. And to accomplish so, you must provide high-quality material that will entice them to stay.

Your movie must appear good and should also tell a fascinating tale with wit, relevancy, and value.

The narrative aspect helps you build a brand that connects with your audience, so make a specific connection with them and give a message that strikes their emotions. This will elevate your movies to another level and provide even greater results for your company.

9. Finish with a Call-To-Action

After watching your video, people will want to know where they should go or what they should do next.

And now is your time to respond to them. Leave the audience with a goal in mind and urge them to accomplish whatever you want people to achieve.

Remember that customers will be put off if your CTA is excessively sales-focused. It must, however, return to the ad objectives and business objectives that you established throughout the planning step.

10. Customize for multiple channels

Posting the same movies throughout various channels may seem simple, but you must optimize your material for every platform as they have diverse requirements.

Whenever it comes to social media, images, size, and shape are important. Keep in mind each channel’s correct size, orientation, video duration limit, and other key specifications.

In this manner, you may implement it correctly and follow your choice’s social network.


Making videos to promote business results and create user engagement has enormous potential. And with these 10 pointers, run successful campaigns and increase your brand visibility in crowded internet space.

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