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What are the Future Career Opportunities of Doing a Master’s in Investment Banking?


A Master’s degree in investment banking can open many doors for graduates working on kick-starting their careers in finance and can allow you to become a major asset within the financial industry, with plenty of potential career paths outside of your relevant sector.

According to the information given in the US Bureau of Labor reports, the investment banking sector is set to increase its job growth by 10% by 2026, which further implies the fact that having a postgraduate degree in finance on your resume can act as a passport for international career opportunities.

With the rules and regulations of investment banking being practically universal, the job market for graduates with a master’s degree has a lot of amazing careers to offer, especially within the financial technology, private equity, asset management, and venture capital departments.

Keep reading this blog post to learn about some of the prospective employment options that you can be eligible to apply for with a master’s in investment banking degree.

Corporate investment banker

If you want to understand how money is made and invested or have a keen interest in finance, then studying investment banking in London can allow you to obtain the traits of a corporate investment banker.

Your primary goal would be to provide strategy advice by securing and identifying financial deals on behalf of your clients and achieving financial goals by implementing both long-term and short-term plans.

Financial analyst

This job role will require you to provide recommendations and guidance for the best course of action for your client’s investment decisions, as well as leverage your skills, interests, and knowledge to evaluate diverse investment opportunities for your employer.

You are expected to be aware of trending market avenues within your specialist field that can in turn set you up for jobs in insurance firms, companies providing pension funds, and banks.


As a stockbroker, you are expected to make informed decisions in the right markets and stocks at the best time, by utilizing your exceptional communication, analytical, and negotiation skills.

This is one of the primary job roles in high demand, within the challenging and fast-moving business environment that requires you to maintain your knowledge and expertise of up-to-date investment and financial opportunities.

Financial advisor

Earning a postgraduate degree in investment banking can allow you to take up a job role as an independent advisor within the finance department of a corporate infrastructure, where you are required to provide valuable information to your client regarding the current marketplace. Get started with your investment banking venture by applying to the MA program in finance here in London today!

You will get the opportunity to explore trending areas of finance and get trained by capital market professionals to acquire the ultimate glory as you step foot in the corporate sector as an expert. Learn more about studying investment banking in the UK by hopping onto our website now & sign up for regular updates.

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